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Filezoo day ...I don't know, let's say 31.

Filezoo. A few things.

Had this random hang at application startup. I don't know what was causing it, but disabling the AOT compilation pass made it disappear. So there.

Config now has hooks for using the Gtk theme colors for the application background et al. But I don't have a way of drawing pretty directories for light backgrounds so I disabled it. And black on white directory labels really make URW Gothic L cry.

Moved the panel controls to a whole new widget. Added the widget to the stand-alone windows. Hurrah for DWIM bar!

Some UTF-8 filenames can crash the renderer. I don't know wtf is up with that. On reaching a certain size, the font just completely blows up and the render target _vanishes_.

I didn't really have any particular goal for this day, maybe it's time to start doing the one-month roundup and really start focusing on the UI side of things for the next month.

On missing features. There's no scrollbar, there's no way to zoom to readable size from the keyboard, there's no way to control view settings from the DWIM bar. Directory view settings aren't remembered. The zoom out navigation is jumpy and you can't pan between dirs that are siblings to the current dir. It would help if text files were rendered inside their boxes. Having some sort of extended preview / reading functionality would be cool, it's often handiest to do read-in-place and edit-in-place instead of "pop up an application that hopefully opens your file and wait for ten seconds while it loads." Eaglemode does it the right way, yes.

Making a nicer theme system might be useful. And configuration and menu scripting. Saving config to GConf and durr. It's kind of hard to find the willpower to work on that stuff.

The core rewrite. Hmm. I would like it to be done. And I really wouldn't like to do it.

Something I think I will do (totally lying here) is port the renderer over to OpenGL. And bring back the lens flare. A shining 100FPS or bust!
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