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Filezoo day 33, part 2: more plugged leaks, selection and selection context menu

Plugged the ImageSurface leak (if it was such) and made do with less caching. Now the memory usage stays below 100 megs with the normal measurers and rises to 200+ megs with big recursive traversals. What worries me is that A) 200+ megs is still a huge fucking lot of memory for a glorified ls, even nautilus uses just 45 megs, and, B) the memory use doesn't fluctuate, it just rises.

And that plugfest blew a hole in my start-of-day plans. As you can see in the screenshot above, I got the selections working (ctrl-select, shift-select, alt-click to deselect) and made a little preliminary context menu.

Drag and drop dragging, the logic from the app pov should be easy, I could even draw a pixbuf of the selection to show when dragging. Cut-copy-paste, mmm, I'll try and reuse the dragging handlers. What remains is finding out how to use the clipboard.

Sleep now~
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