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Filezoo, day 21

Will write a week three roundup tomorrow, and maybe even take the day off from coding. But here's day 21 commit log:

* src/panel.cs: handle window delete events
* more correct symlink handling
* sort dotfiles to the end
* do a predraw on panel fz to make popup faster
* a bit nicer context zoom
* context menu: git dir handler, run for executables
* first try at a thumbnail cache with LRU expiry, panel DWIM improvements
* src/config.cs: a pinker color for in-progress dirs
* src/panel.cs: raise FilezooWindow instead of present (present steals focus)

Mostly under-the-covers work, both in terms of UI polish and data model. Did some small color theme tweaks though. Started dogfooding the panel app, and the DWIM bar is proving a central part of the experience. It navigates with both absolute and relative paths, opens files, runs shell commands, handles URLs and does Google.

Must sleep now.
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