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Filezoo, day 38, part 2: group titles

First implementation on sort group titles, draws little group title to the right side of the screen. It doesn't have scaling or hiding by group size, so there's lots of overlap. And I don't know if I'm going to put the titles visible in subdirs as well. It'd be nice but how to make it look nice and work nice and... oh, now I know [see below.]

Results for the navigation benchmark (homedir to /usr/lib/OpenGL/ghc): can now achieve sub-7 second times consistently with the scroll wheel zoom, and click navigation times are in sub-6 second range. Would be nice to have some sort of UI benchmarking suite that gives me random navigation tasks and toggles features [and optimizes the UI to my physical ability and searches for an optimal UI and does my homework.]

Edit: new and improved group titles.
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