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Filezoo, start of day 19: wider thumbnails, beginnings of theming

Got bored of the white theme, but dark themes don't really work with the web browser and everything else being black-on-white. Oh well! The new colors and fonts in Filezoo brought to you by editing the Main function to set up the relevant properties and recompiling to put them in effect. Which is not quite the right way to do it.

Made the thumbnails bigger both on the screen (128 wide) and on disk (256x256.) Which made generating them slower. And they take more space. JPEG is a better choice for thumbnails, but Cairo can't load JPEGs easily and I don't feel like writing language X libjpeg bindings for the ... fourth time? Yet.

Watched some Wipeout HD menu videos on Youtube, and I'd like to make my desktop look like that. Here, look, it's got fancy animations!

Even if the menus are very 2001 Flash Animators United...

And it made me think back to the halcyon days of sub-20s perfect laps on Sagarmatha.

(Pictured: Slowww)
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