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Filezoo, day 11: silly icons, less traversal, parent dir

Today, in chronological order:
  1. Drew a little concept of how the file manager should integrate with the desktop panel.

  2. Made name comparisons case-insensitive and changed the GUI font from Verdana to Sans (which is.. Bitstream Vera Sans on my machine, I think.)

  3. Worked around System.IO.Path.IsPathRooted blowing up on ISO-8859-1 filenames.

  4. Made a last modified measurer, it shows recently modified files large and old files small. Perfect for a download directory.

  5. Wrote a toplevel usage documentation for DirCache and added modification date and file permissions in the subtitle information.

  6. Added a parent dir reference to each directory. Yes, it's an actual window to the parent dir and lets you zoom there and loop through the filesystem until you run out of double accuracy.

  7. And made a silly unicode icon system, prefixing some predefined paths with unicode glyphs.

The rendering part is ok-fast again, but there are a few niggles: When a file change is detected, the current view completely rebuilds itself, which causes nasty-looking flicker and bolts the view to the top position, which is very annoying. Fixing the rebuild flicker and the view bolting are a priority. I'll also bring back changing view dir by zooming, already started writing the infra methods for it. Documentation project continues with filezoo.cs.
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