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Filezoo, start of day 13: some timings, thumbnail proto

Made a small prototype that draws thumbnails for PNGs. It's, hmm, I don't know. It works. But it's worse than grid layout. Compromise between tiny aspect-preserving list thumbs and harder-to-read grid :P

Mostly it just looks sort of cool, and that's all that matters in the end, eh?

Compared directory latency between a Konqueror, Nautilus and Filezoo by opening /usr/lib (3300 entries) from a running instance of each program. Opening the directory took around 1.5 seconds in Konqueror, 4 seconds in Nautilus, 0.2 seconds in Filezoo and 0.05 seconds with ls. Startup times for opening /usr/lib, from executing the application commandline to first frame drawn (hot cache): ~2s for Konqueror, ~5s for Nautilus, 0.8s for Filezoo and 0.05s for ls.

Some things to note: Konqueror and Nautilus draw icons and display about 30 files on the screen. Filezoo doesn't draw icons and displays 3300 files on the screen. ls doesn't draw icons, displays 3300 files on the stdout and has its effective performance limited by the terminal emulator.

Today I'll be going through the code and doing cleanup. Then, time permitting, I'll add selections and a right-click menu for acting on them. Tomorrow is a rest day.
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