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Filezoo, day 12: zoom navigation

Put zoom navigation in, worked on making it a smooth experience, yet there is still relayout flicker at parts. Also added some more unicode icons and made clicking on current dir title reset the current dir view.

Wrote some todo plan, the main points being: Fetch rendered info asynchronously, with default placeholder info (e.g. "Loading...".) Make a worker queue for the async jobs. Make it possible to cancel async jobs. Cancel jobs when the requesting object is not visible. Cache the layouts in DirCache and invalidate with LastModified checks.

I'm still not happy with the navigation experience; it should have no flicker whatsoever, the animation should be smooth, and the zoom and pan should snap at sensible places. The context-sensitive click-to-zoom-out thing is also missing. As are pretty colored lines, etc.

Maybe tomorrow is a good day to do codebase maintenance.
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